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  1. Investor Relations
  2. Management Policy

Medium-Term Business Plan

Three Years from FY22 to FY25

Digitalization has gone beyond ICT companies and manufacturing and service sectors to become the foundation for all industries. As digitalization in society proceeds at an accelerating pace, it has become essential to reinforce network infrastructure to solve problems across these areas. Our Group leverages our network technology capabilities, multivendor approach, and the expertise built up in serving a large customer base to provide optimal systems from a neutral standpoint. Furthermore, we employ the expertise gained from using systems in-house prior to installation at customer premises to provide services that take into account post-installation use.

Based on our understanding of the external environment and our Group’s strengths, we aim to implement growth strategies and strengthen the management base that underpins them in line with our purpose: to unleash the potential of people and networks and create a prosperous future through a blend of tradition and innovation. We will also continue our efforts to create economic and social value, aiming at further improvement of corporate value and sustainable growth.

FY22-FY24 Medium-Term Business Plan

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