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Business Operation

Business Overview

On the basis of the engineering capabilities that we have developed over many years as a network integrator, we offer networks, facilities, security, platforms, and unified collaboration solutions essential to advanced ICT systems in multi-vendor environments. We provide one-stop services encompassing product development, consulting, design, construction, introduction, education, and maintenance and operation management.

Product Category

Network products

To construct ICT systems, an environment that provides high-quality, stress-free communication must be created, and it must be operated with reliability. In the category of network products, we provide an optimal combination of communication devices tailored to customers' environments, from construction of large systems for telecommunications to intra network systems. Centering on relay devices for controlling data transfer such as routers and switches as network infrastructure components, our extensive array of communication equipment also includes optical transfer systems and wireless control systems.

Platform products

Platform products add convenience and efficiency to ICT-based information communications. Secure and reassuring systems operation with high efficiency requires a total design that integrates security technologies with servers and storage with the use of virtualization technologies. We also support unified collaboration that encourages dialogues in video conferencing and other virtual spaces to help customers improve productivity.

Service products

Service products are meant to provide consistent support for consulting for introduction of ICT systems, planning, design, construction, operation and optimization. On the basis of ensuring stable operation of ICT systems on 24/7 basis, we carry out close operation management and swift troubleshooting services to minimize losses of opportunity. We also undertake to develop management procedures, carry out remote monitoring for the swift discovery of errors and recovery, and provide education for ICT system administrators.

Overview by Market Sector

Enterprise: EP Sector

In the Enterprise Sector (EP Sector), we operate businesses for automotive, electronics, and other manufacturing companies, transport, service, and other non-manufacturing businesses, financial institutions including foreign-capital firms. We support those customers who require large ICT systems and who wish to save time and money, and who seek to improve their effectiveness with advanced ICT solutions.

Telecom and Internet Service Provider: SP Sector

In the Telecom and Internet Service Provider Sector (SP Sector), we serve fixed-line and mobile carriers and Internet service providers. We are working together with customers providing network infrastructure and network-related services to develop a social infrastructure.

Regional Area and Public: AP Sector

In the Regional Area and Public Sector (AP Sector), we operate a business for the public sector, including national and local government offices, research and education institutions, cable operators, medical service providers, electric power suppliers, and regional private companies. We provide technical support for the use of telecommunication infrastructure that stretches across the country, for improvements to information infrastructure within campuses, for the reconstruction of in-hospital networks to introduce electric medical records, and for public-private joint projects.

Net One Partners: NOP

Net One Partners Co., Ltd. (NOP) offers new value-added solutions on the basis of the distributer business model instead of through direct sales, in joint projects with partner firms in a bid to open new markets. To acquire new customers, we integrate our resources with the system solutions at which our partner firms excel, to enter a broader array of markets.