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  1. Company

Corporate History


Corporate Events

Year/Month Topics
1988.02 Net One Systems established
1989.01 Kansai branch opened
1990.10 Hazama Distribution Center (Quality Control Center) opened
1991.02 Authorized as a certified telecommunications construction company by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
1992.04 Paolo Alto, U.S. branch (Net One Systems USA) opened
10 Nagoya branch opened
Authorized as a certified telecommunications construction company by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
1994.07 Relocated head office to Shinagawa
1995.04 Tsukuba branch opened
1996.03 Sapporo branch opened
04 Fukuoka branch opened


Year/Month Topics
1988.02 Launching “Ungermann-Bass”, which is LAN products
1989.01 Attained exclusive marketing rights for Cisco System’s multiprotocol router
1991.01 Launching "Novell" Network OS
1992.10 Launching "Kalpana"(Cisco) , which is Ethernet switches
1994.04 Launching "SynOptics" (Nortel) products
09 Launching "Agile " (Alcatel-Lucent) , which is ATM products
1996.01 Launching "Frontier" (NetScout) , which is RMON products
04 Launching "SecureComputing" (McAfee), which is firewall products


Corporate Events

Year/Month Topics
1999.06 Acquired Media Communication System K.K. Facility engineering business
1992.04 Certified as a Gold Partner by Cisco Systems Inc.
(First Japanese Certification holder)
10 Nagoya branch opened
Authorized as a certified telecommunications construction company by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
2000.04 Establishment of Network Service and Technologies Co., Ltd. (NSAT)
05 Technical Center and Quality Center established
Hiroshima branch opened
07 Tohoku branch opened
2001.12 Expansion of human resource development business "Network Academy"
Quality Center obtains ISO 9001 version 2000 certification
Listed on the First Section of TSE
2002.05 IPO on JASDAQ
2003.03 Quality Center obtains ISO 14001


Year/Month Topics
1998.01 Launching "New Oak"(Nortel), which is VPN products
04 Launching "Arrow Point"(Cisco) , which is high-speed web server access products
12 Launching "Ascend" (Alcatel-Lucent) , which is remote access servers
2000.04 Launching "ADVA" , which is WDM products
08 Launching "Cisco" IP Telephony
2001.02 Launching "GuardianWall" , which is Email security products
10 Launching "Mirapoint" , which is messaging appliance products
2003.12 Launching "EqualLogic"(Dell), which is IP-SAN product with iSCSI connectivity


Corporate Events

Year/Month Topics
2004.03 Awarded company-wide ISO14001 certification
07 Network Service and Technologies (NSAT) establishes Service Quality Center
12 Obtains Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification at HO and Tsukuba Office
2005.04 Merger with Media Communication System K.K. Facility engineering business placed under direct control
10 Matsuyama and Okayama branch opened
12 Toyoda branch opened
05 Technical Center and Quality Center established
Hiroshima branch opened
2007.11 Expert Operation Center (XOC) established
Unified Communications mock-up workstations established
Achieved a Cisco Master Security Specialization


Year/Month Topics
2004.03 Launching “Airespace(Cisco)” , which is intelligent wireless LAN products
12 Launching “Hybrid IP Centrex service”, which is integrated IP-PBX and offices’ telephone network
2005.01 Launching “iPolicy Networks (Tech Mahindra)”, which is security appliance products
07 Attained exclusive domestic marketing rights for “Citrix NetScaler” , which is application delivery system
09 Participated in IPsphere Forum, an international organization to discuss and promote the realization of next-generation network architecture
2006.06 Launching “UTStarcom”, which is GE-PON products
08 Launching "Cisco" IP Telephony
2007.03 Launching "Solace Systems“, which is messaging routers
04 Launching "PCI DSS", which is security compliant services
06 Launching "Arbor Networks“, which is IP flow-based network analysis products
11 Launching "Sonoa Systems”, which is web service appliance products


Corporate Events

Year/Month Topics
2008.03 Achieved a Cisco Master Unified Communication Specialization
05 Establishment of Business Assurance Co. ,Ltd.
10 Achieved a Cisco Advanced Data Center
Networking Infrastructure Specialization
Certified a Premier Partners by VMware, Inc.
2009.12 Net One Partners concluded a world’s first sales agent contract with Cisco G.K.
09 Agreement about strategic business alliance with US Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
10 Relocation of Technical Center(Lab.)
2010.02 Xseed Co.,Ltd. became the consolidated subsidiary


Year/Month Topics
2008.02 Launching “Xsigo Systems”, which is server I/O virtualization products
Published “PCI Data Security Standard”, which is a book edited by Nikkei BP
05 Developed “IPsphere” technologies, the architecture for next-generation network, with Juniper Networks
06 Launching "3Tera“, which is grid operating systems for web applications
07 Launching “VMware P2V” and “capacity planning” services
09 Launching “Palo Alto Networks”, which is next-generation fire wall products
Launching “Green IT” project
Launching “Soapstone Networks”, which is network resource
10 and service control systems
Launching “Global Relay”, which is email archiving and
compliance services
07 Launching “SeaMicro” , which is high-density and lower power consumption server