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  1. Company


NetOne Value

The strengths of NetOneSystems lie in some of Japan’s leading facilities and the people and technologies that support them.

From proposals for ICT utilization until introduction to evaluation and verification, quality control for installed equipment, post introduction maintenance and operational management and technical training, NetOneSystems leverages its collective strengths to support its customers’ ICT infrastructure.

Technical Center

-One of Japan’s Largest ICT Infrastructure Technical Research Facilities-


To prevent trouble following system introduction, we recreate customer network environments prior to introduction and subject them to verification. For new products discovered by our U.S. subsidiary and the products carried by various vendors, we don’t just rely on product information found in catalogues; we evaluate and verify factors such as functionality, performance, interconnectivity and reliability ahead of market introduction.

Quality Control Center

-Delivering High Quality through Quality Control Adhering to Our Own Rigorous Standards-


The Quality Control Center undertakes tasks from product receipt to storage, inspection and shipping in a consistent manner. To deliver quality to customers with a sense of confidence, inspections based on the quality of received and shipped products are performed under NetOneSystems’ own inspection framework by dedicated engineers using large-scale inspection equipment. The Center also inspects the quality of maintenance service parts and materials, and only prepares and dispatches those parts and materials confirmed to be in conformance.

Security Operation Center(NetOne-SOC)

-Safeguarding customers’ information assets from constantly-evolving threats-


Our security analysts use tha latest analysis infrastructure, and monitor and analyze customers’ security status 24 hours aday around the year. When needed, they give immediate notice to clients and respond to the incident at hand, according to the degree of urgency and danger. Beyond making emergency measures, we make proposals on permanent security measures.

eXpert Operation Center(XOC)

-Integrated Operation and Management Services to Support Business Continuity-


Circumstances are today characterized by increasingly diverse utilization
scenarios such as unified collaboration, swelling server and storage environments to accommodate companies’ enhanced management of information assets
and constant security threats to those information assets. To respond to the increasingly sophisticated and complex demands of customers, NetOneSystems achieves optimization of the total costs associated with system operation with a 24-hour, year-round integrated operation and management service.

Network Academy

-Helping to Develop ICT Engineers-


Network Academy helps develop ICT engineers with the provision of a team of high-level instructors and practical training environments that use an extensive range of actual equipment. A diverse curriculum is available, and we can also conduct training based on a curriculum tailored to customer needs anywhere in the country.

Innovative Office

-Experiencing the Effects of ICT Utilization Live-


This is an experience-oriented facility where customers can observe the workstyles of NetOneSystems employees as they utilize and leverage ICT. The office is designed based on fourteen concepts that advocate new styles of working and allows customers to form an image of realistic ICT utilization beyond deskbound discussions.