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These are the responsibilities NetOneSystems is to fulfill as a member of society.

As a company that supports network infrastructure, the lifeline of information-oriented society, at NetOneSystems we fully recognize the size of our social impact, and each employee remains acutely aware of this as they tackle CSR activities.

Practicing Compliance

  • The systematic implementation of compliance is promoted on a Group-wide basis. We work to control factors that lead to compliance violations and remedy any problems.
  • In line with our code of conduct based on “integrity and trust,” we have principles and standards on fair and equitable conduct and the minimum standards to uphold in a compliance manual, which is thoroughly enforced among all employees. We also engage in ongoing awareness-raising efforts through activities integrated with dissemination of the Group Vision, various education and training sessions, the provision of information and other endeavors.
  • Embracing the idea that “we own any injustice that we overlook,” as a guideline for action, we have established reporting and consultation desks both inside and outside the company. We actively pursue the dissemination of rules and disclosure of results.

Thorough Implementation of Information Security

  • We conduct intensive information security training to ensure all employees carry out their work in compliance with our basic policy on information security and related internal regulations.
  • We have obtained ISO27001 certification, the international standard for information security management systems, on a company-wide basis.
  • We have been certified as a Privacy Mark-qualified business operator equipped with systems for the protection of personal information.

Promotion of Risk Management

  • We have established a Risk Management Committee and regularly monitor our state of readiness with respect to risks that might severely impact the Company’s survival or business continuity.
  • We have formulated a business continuity plan (BCP) to deal with incidents such as major earthquakes and new strains of influenza, and aim to ensure the safety of employees while continuing to provide ICT services to customers.

Contributions to the Environment

  • To contribute to the development of sustainable society as a global citizen, we work to provide and promote the widespread adoption of environmental solutions which utilize ICT.
  • We strive to reduce the environmental footprint associated with our business activities by pursuing energy conservation, using less paper, reducing waste products and CO2 emissions and other efforts.
  • We have obtained ISO14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management systems, on a company-wide basis.

Initiatives aimed at Social Contribution Activities

  • With the development of a volunteer leave system and other measures, we actively support employees engaging in social contribution activities.
  • We coordinate with outside groups such as social welfare and non-profit organizations, assist with the holding of events, donate PCs and office supplies, participate in fund-raising activities and perform other services.