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  1. Investor Relations
  2. Management Policy

Management Goals

Management Philosophy

Contribute to innovation in society by utilizing ICT

Management Vision

We want to be known as β€œto be a company trusted and supported by all stakeholders (an admired company).” We recognize that an outstanding reputation as an admired company can be earned only by fulfilling our responsibilities to customers, partners, shareholders and employees and contributing significantly to the ICT market, civil society, and the global environment.
Our reputation as an admired company extends from the trust and support by our stakeholders, not from our character alone. Our quest toward this stakeholder-centric vision has required hard work, persistence, and determination, and we will continue working steadily toward the goal of gaining their utmost confidence.

Management Policy

In accordance with its management philosophy and vision, the largest goals of the Net One Systems Group are to generate sustained growth and raise customer satisfaction. In pursuit of these goals, we categorize all Group activities under the integrated services business and provide support for customer ICT platforms throughout all phases. To accelerate this business, we will work to strengthen our organizational structure and infrastructure systems and develop human resources.

Medium-Term Financial Targets and Priority

We have made the determination that providing added value based on the management philosophy mentioned above will generate sustained growth and have set an improvement in operating margin to 10–12% and a revenue growth rate of 5–10% as benchmarks for measuring management performance. Under our medium-term business plan, we aim to achieve JPY220.0bn in revenue, JPY21.0bn in operating income, an operating margin of 9.5%, a service ratio of 50%, and an ROE of 16.8% in FY21.

Issues to Be Addressed, Strategy and Focus Area

In the ever-changing ICT market, the Group has created value ranging from cloud infrastructure integration to network security with core support from its advanced network technology. Moving forward, we will promote further reform that will transform us into a company capable of jointly creating value that supports customer growth, in addition to providing new added value.
Based on these goals, the Group established a new medium-term business plan covering the three-year period spanning from FY19 to FY21.