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Aiming to become a unique creator of ideal cloud system architecture

Net One Systems has been engaged in network integration as a team of experts to'connect people in business and in the society.' In anticipation of the next generation of network computing. we are now taking new initiatives to innovate 'change.' with the aim of becoming a unique creator of ideal system architecture for using cloud platform in the world.

What we envision as cloud system architecture is this: on top of building private clouds. we will safely connect various public clouds. integrate them all as a'cloud system' and provide them to our customers. The areas of application are expanding via the Internet of Things (IoT) to Factory Automation. in addition to conventional Office Automation.

Amid this trend. Net One Systems. as an independent integrator. is well positioned to integrate necessary functions beyond the boundary of each manufacturer. We aim to become a unique integrator that combines its own technologies with cutting-edge solutions and provides the customer with a comprehensive service extending from verification to introduction and management of the customer's new infrastructure.

We are now entering the era when cloud infrastructure will be utilized and leveraged on a full scale. Our challenge is to realize new value-added services through a win-win relationship with the customer. by staying focused on the market emerging from the connection between the customer's business and the cloud. or in other words. the new market that the customer is targeting.

What will support this new challenge of ours is our diversity and autonomous innovation. We aim to advance through the autonomous efforts of each of our uniquely attractive and responsible employees. who will form a strong team by complementing each other. while our employees of all generations keep changing and growing every day.

Each and all of us will correctly recognize the direction of these advances and continue to fulfill the expectations of all stakeholders. In this way. Net One Systems will firmly endeavor to achieve growth in the next generation.

Takayuki Yoshino
Chairman & CEO
Net One Systems Co.. Ltd.