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Management Philosophy

Help change society for the better through smart utilization of ICT

Management Vision

We want to be known as “to be a company trusted and supported by all stakeholders (an admired company).” We recognize that an outstanding reputation as an admired company can be earned only by fulfilling our responsibilities to customers, partners, shareholders and employees and contributing significantly to the ICT market, civil society, and the global environment.
Our reputation as an admired company extends from the trust and support by our stakeholders, not from our character alone. Our quest toward this stakeholder-centric vision has required hard work, persistence, and determination, and we will continue working steadily toward the goal of gaining their utmost confidence.

Management Policy

The goals of the Group’s management vision are continuous growth and improved customer satisfaction, and we are optimizing management resources to achieve these aims. Specifically, we are proposing a cloud system that translates our experience and improvements into added value for customers and accelerates the utilization of information and communication technology (ICT) with robust security.

Medium-Term Financial Targets and Priority

To achieve the “sustainable growth” stated in the Company’s management policy, we will focus on improving out operations and achieving a consolidated operating profit margin of 10–12% and consolidated revenue growth of 5–10% in the medium term.

Issues to Be Addressed

Japanese companies today face multiple challenges, such as the need to improve productivity, working style reforms, and an aging population with a low birth rate. In this context, our customers’ needs are changing dramatically from owning ICT equipment to solving management issues through business model reforms and becoming more competitive through smart utilization of ICT. Net One Systems is focusing on the three priorities below to respond to these needs and achieve sustained growth:

  • ● Change to an approach centered on service provision, and help customers transition from ownership to utilization
  • ● Conduct awareness reform (priority shift from hardware to software products) and human resource training
  • ● Develop frameworks for ease of operation and management amid the growing complexity of infrastructure

Strategy and Focus Area

Net One Systems is pursuing the four core measures outlined below to provide unique value to its customers.

1. Grow existing customers and cultivate new ones

In the Cloud System with Security, we are actively responding to increasing demand for use of cloud system and strengthening security, as well as the transition to a service-type business. In the IoT market, we are expanding beyond manufacturing plant network systems to incorporate data analysis as well as researching potential applications beyond the manufacturing sector. In global markets, we are exploring new businesses in North America and Europe based on what we have learned in business collaborations with ASEAN partners. In the corporate market, we are further augmenting our menu of services and creating model cases for horizontal expansion.

2. Conduct human resource training and rigorous profit management

We are training human resources over the longer term in growth businesses. We access the latest information from overseas vendors quickly and accurately, adding our ICT utilization know-how to provide our own unique solutions and services that are optimized for the Japanese market. As well, we will continue to analyze profit closely and systematically.

3. Accelerate service business

We are changing our business model from one centered on hardware sales to a service-oriented one that coordinates our customers’ overall ICT infrastructure and provides a combination of services and features. We offer an array of resources as an integrated service, ranging from proposals for ICT infrastructure based on our ICT utilization experience and technical knowledge to system design that maximizes the value of ICT infrastructure and features developed using highly advanced technologies.

4. Expand capital services business

We are further expanding NetOne “all in” Platform, a capital service that provides the use of ICT infrastructure on a subscription model (fee based on usage period). In addition to providing use of the system and finance services, we will offer one-of-a-kind value by creating required features that are built into the usage model to help customers transition from ownership to utilization so that we can strengthen customer relations and improve customer satisfaction over the long term.