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Basic Approach

Based on a management vision of “to be a company trusted and supported by all stakeholders (an admired company),” the Company advocates “sustainable growth” as its foremost priority. In order to attain the objective and to enhance its corporate value over the mid- to long-term, the Company continuously strives to enhance and strengthen corporate governance to realize fair and transparent decision-making in a swift and decisive way.

Governance Structure

The Company adopts the following mechanism to establish a highly effective corporate governance system:
The Company has in place an Audit & Supervisory Board system, which, with more than half of its members being independent Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Members, audits the execution of duties by the Executive Directors; in addition, independent Outside Executive Directors who constitute more than thirty percent (30%) of the members of the Board of Directors oversee management and execution of duties.

The Company also employs the Vice President System to beef up its management control and overseeing function by the Board of Directors, and to execute business more efficiently and promptly. Moreover, by establishing the Advisory Committee the Company adopts a fair and objective way of electing or dismissing the Company’s Executive Directors and Vice presidents as well as determining their remuneration, etc.

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Independence Standards