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  1. Investor Relations
  2. Management Policy

Capital Policy

Capital Policy

Net One Systems’ basic capital policy targets profit return that will remain stable over the long term and appropriately reflect business performance while calling for efforts aimed at increasing shareholder profit through improvements in corporate value; expanding the Company’s management base; and enhancing shareholders’ equity, which is a major source of growth potential.
Under this basic capital policy, we will decide upon a consolidated dividend payout ratio while aiming for a target of about 40% by comprehensively considering factors such as earnings, financial conditions, and the rate of progress associated with its medium-term business plan.
In addition, we will primarily utilize retained earnings for investment targeting medium- to long-term business expansion; M&A, human resource-related spending, and other growth investment; and share buybacks that will support overall flexibility in its capital policy.

Dividends on the ordinary shares are normally paid twice a year: an interim dividend in November and a final dividend in June. Any interim dividend that is declared must be approved by a company’s Board of Directors and any final dividend that is declared must be approved by shareholders meeting before they are paid.

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