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Our Goal~ The Direction of the NetOne Group ~

Our goal is to become “Admired Company”, in other words “a company trusted and supported by all our stakeholders.” By fulfilling our responsibilities to customers, partners, shareholders and employees and never neglecting contributions to the ICT market, civil society and the global environment, we believe we can become “Admired Company” for the first time.
Moreover, we can only become a truly “Admired company” when this is acknowledged not in our own eyes but in the eyes of third parties. We will continue to make a sustained and enthusiastic effort to earn the highest marks from all our stakeholders.

Seven Missions -The Missions to Be Fulfilled by the Group-

To achieve our goal, we must act upon certain responsibilities and contributions. The responsibilities to be taken and contributions to be made with respect to each important target (stakeholder) related to the success of the NetOne Group business have been defined in the form of seven missions.

Responsibility to Customers

Ensuring the success of customer businesses

Responsibility to Partners

Preserving a win-win relationship with partners

Responsibility to Shareholders

Achieving sustained growth of the NetOneSystems Group

Responsibility to Employees

Always considering the well-being of employees

Contributions to ICT Market

Maintaining awareness as a company that plays a part in the ICT market

Contributions to Civil Society

Facing ICT with seriousness based on a strong sense of ethics

Contributions to Global Environment

Actively participating in efforts to protect the global environment