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Aiming to Become a Company Admired by All its Stakeholders

Net One Systems conducts business operations that extend from the building of network systems that use advanced technologies and products, to the provision of high value-added services and solutions.
During the dawn of the Internet, we provided support for academic network systems, including those used by universities and research institutions. Once the Internet was opened for commercial use, we began building networks for a variety of customers, including telecommunication service carriers, private-sector companies and public institutions, thereby making considerable contribution to the spread of the Internet in Japan.
The network technologies that support the Internet are evolving at a radical pace. To continue to make recommendations that customers will deem valuable, we must continuously monitor trends in technology, consistently acquire and utilize cutting-edge technologies, and accumulate knowledge.
Given the intensely changing environment, we believe it is essential that company not lose sight of its true nature and maintain a clear-cut goal to continue to grow. At Net One Systems we have set and are undertaking our goal to become an “admired company,” that is a company trusted and supported by all its stakeholders.
In specific, our focus is on contributing to the ICT market, civil society, and the global environment.

In our contribution to the ICT market, we are aggressively introducing ICT technologies with the purpose of steering society toward a rich future. Meanwhile, as a company that plays a role in the development of the ICT market, our goal is to help realize a society where people are spiritually rich through contribution to civil society. And, as a global citizen, through our contribution to the global environment, our focus is on supporting the creation of an eco-friendly society to pass on a productive environment to the next generation.

One vital component to undertaking these three contributions, which will further propel the growth of Net One Systems, is to be a captivating company that offers novel value. We define a captivating company as one with many highly motivated employees. Our objective is to create a company where all employees are highly motivated, accumulate originality and ingenuity, do not fear failure, and are always tackling new challenges.

We believe that the growth of our employees contributes to the development of our customers, and that this in turn contributes to society. Consequently, the growth of each of our employees will have a great ripple effect on society at large.
We consequently plan to embark on new challenges in our goal to become such a company.

Toru Arai
President & COO
Net One Systems Co., Ltd.